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Baths & Nails

*Prices are breed-specific and subject to change*

Bath, Blow and Brush includes:

- Nail clip

- Ear cleaning

- Anal glands expressed (upon request)

Prices: $30-$70


-Includes Bath, Nails, and Ear cleaning PLUS hair cut

-Prices based on size, breed, coat condition and preferred cut

-Pricing $70+ for full groom

Extra services available:

- Face, feet, and tail $5-$15

- Shed Treatment: $10-$40 (in addition to bath rate)

Nail trim:

  • Small-Medium: $11

  • Large-XL: $15

- Teeth brushing: $8

- Brush out: $8-12 per 10 minutes 

*based on breed and coat condition* 


* Prices listed are based on cash or check payment-

All card payments are subject to a transaction fee

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