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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions! Here's a list of the ones we hear most often. ♥

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"Do we need reservations for daycare?"

"How long is a daycare day?"

"How many play groups do you offer and what determines where my pup plays?"

While calling ahead to book your pup's appointment is always preferred, we understand it's not always possible! If your pup is already an established client with us, walk-ins are acceptable for daycare! 

*However, reservations are REQUIRED for everyone during all peak season dates*

A half day of daycare is UP to 4 hours of consecutive playtime.

Playtime OVER 4 hours is a full day! Unless stated when booking, half or full days are up to you and your pup's tolerance level! 

We have two indoor/outdoor play groups and a lounge in our lobby. Dogs are grouped into like temperament friends as well as similar sized friends! Your pup will be placed in these groups based on previous behavior and playstyle! Our lounge is reserved for the smallest guests as well as the older pals that may not want all of the action of your average daycare day!

*information above is based on PASSED temperament test*


"Can we make reservations online?"

"I have more than one dog, can they board together?"

"My dog is boarding soon, what can we pack?"

"When my dog is boarding, how often are they out to play?"

"My pet is on insulin, can we still board at Puppingham Palace?"

This is a decision for you! Some siblings can be trusted to stay together and others are not due to a number of reasons good or bad. If by chance an issue comes up in which we need to separate your pups, we will always give you a call! Safety is our top priority.

The most important items to pack are your pups food and any daily medications they need! Food brought from home helps avoid some tummy issues while away! We do offer a house food (chicken) for $1 per pup per feeding just in case! Any other comfort items that you're okay with your pet having while unsupervised are also welcome! (All items must be machine washable and labeled!)

All day play is included in our nightly rates! Daycare for boarding clients begin after everyone has had a chance to eat breakfast! Then we head back to our rooms for dinner time about an hour before close each night. (subject to change based on volume of pups in our care!)

*Breaks or "time-outs" may be given to your pup during the day based on behavior, the needs of each dog, and the greater good of the rest of the pack. We want all of our friends to have a safe and successful play day!

At this time, we cannot administer any type of injectable medications and highly suggest boarding with a vet office. If you need a vet board recommendation, give us a call!  (All oral and topical meds are accepted!)


"Do you preform full grooming?

Currently, we have an amazing bather, but do not offer full body haircuts or shave downs. We offer baths with minor trimming (typically face, feet, tail, and sanitary area) with the option for add on services such as teeth brushing, shed treatments, etc. Check out our "Baths & Nails" tab for more info!

Misc. :

"Does Puppingham Palace crop ears?"

"Which vaccinations are required?"

We get this question more often than you'd think! This is a procedure that needs to be done in a veterinarian's office. Short answer: No.

We require Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper. (All vaccines must be completed ex: first time puppy vacc. the distemper is a multi-round vaccination) The canine influenza is also highly suggested, but is not required.

Vaccination paperwork must include vet letterhead or signature (handwritten or sticker copies of vaccines will need prior vet sign off before acceptance)- Vaccination records without expiration dates may not be accepted based on other information provided.

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