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Price Changes March 2024

Below is an Updated list of pricing beginning March 1st 2024 

Prices listed are based on 1 dog, additional dog discounts explained below


General Boarding: $45/Night

A size appropriate wire kennel like you would have in your house, kennels range from 36' - 54' and can house even some of our biggest pups! Dogs used to staying in kennels while parents are away from home or at night tend to do really well in this room. 

Luxury Kennel: $50/Night

A larger wire enclosure (5x5) where pups can move around and stretch out, good for family pairs and multiple smaller dogs!! 

Mini Suite: $55/Night 

A fully enclosed room sizing about 5 by 8, offers extra privacy and a spot to decompress for pups who tend to be more nervous away from home. This style of room features a window on the door so your pup can still look out and check their surroundings.

Royalty Suite: $60/Night

A larger fully enclosed room measuring 8 x 10, offers all of the privacy of the mini suite on a larger scale. This room features a camera (access via WiseView) to view your pup while they are in their room! 

$20 deposit REQUIRED on all boarding appointments at time of booking, deposit is nonrefundable with cancelation but will be discounted from final invoice. 


*Multi-pet rate 20% off additional dogs IF SHARING ROOM* 

To qualify for discount pups must be sharing a room and does not apply to family pets staying in separate accommodations.

*If dogs of separate households wish to book in a shared room - they will qualify for discount, but permission from both owners is needed!* 

15% discount for 10+ Nights 

This discount does not apply to peak season charges, but can stack with multi-pet discount! Stay must consist of 10+ consecutive nights.


Full day (more than 4 hours) : $35 

Half day (4 hours or less) : $25

*additional dogs will receive 20% off daily rate* discount does not apply to packages* 

Daycare Packages: 


3HD: $70 (23.33/day) 

5HD: $110 (22/day) 

7HD: $150 (21.42/day) 

10HD: $210 (21/day) 


3FD: $100 (33.33/day) 

5FD: $155 (31/day)

7FD: $210 (30/day) 

10FD: $295 (29.50/day) 

*packages expire 30 days after purchase*

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